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Branding & Strategic Marketing

When did you last review whether you communicate clearly ‘what you do and why it matters’ in a strong ‘Brand Message’? When did you last take an objective look at whether your organisation’s work is emotionally compelling, or even adds significant recognised value, in the eyes of your clients, all those you collaborate with, your donors, your wider audience (including potential donors), even your staff?

When did you last take an honest look at whether the organisation is likely to have prospered or withered in ten years’ time and ask ‘why’, rather than live from what feels like one financial crisis to another? The clarity of “why you are here”, your strategic direction and resulting brand message is fundamental to your success. This clarity of vision will guide more coherent and effective decision-making, better marketing, PR, fund-raising activities and donor recruitment, bid-writing, development and sales of paid-for services, and staff morale.

A branding project entails a consideration of your current services, your strengths, future client needs, and gaps in provision you are best placed and want to fill. It is surprising how many clients realise quickly this is actually the starting point of what needs ‘fixing’. With a defined brand message, I then work with my talented collaborators to turn your clearer vision into powerful words and pictures, and embed them into cutting-edge social media strategies and planning.  

I am experienced and highly successful in media management of TV, radio, and press. Guidance, training and services are offered in all aspects of public relations and social media.