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Where it all began

McCracken Consultancy

From a multi-disciplinary background spanning the private, public and third sector, I have worked in multi-national corporates, run small businesses, worked as a teacher and governor, and then became known in the third sector for transforming a charity on the brink of closure to winning Best Not-for-Profit of the Year award in Nottingham from which time I have spent most of my time working with charities on the formulation and application of Strategy; strategy to strengthen, regenerate, and face the future with confidence.

Why am I different?

Businesses and not-for-profits......across the great divide

What I have found in the last few years is that it is highly unusual to find a consultant who is so experienced in both private and not-for-profit sectors.  This experience allows me to speak in what sometimes seems two different languages, and cross divides that enable not-for-profits to reach out to the private sector for solutions. However, I also understand that not-for-profits face unique and complex challenges. In this, and culturally, not-for-profits do not nor should they operate in exactly the same way as businesses. Businesses equally often want to engage but face communication barriers that frustrate how effective and helpful they could be.

Realism not theory

My broad expertise has been gained through not only consulting but performing specific roles in depth within organisations before becoming a consultant, rather than always having been a generalist ‘looking in’.

I am a Marketer by original training, leading the development and launch of a bespoke CRM system in a multi-channel sales multinational organisation and responsible for project managing very successful high impact integrated marketing communications campaigns. I have launched new products in highly competitive markets.  

I know the management stress you are under and the criticality of having to deliver to schedule. I have worked in challenging organisational circumstances rectifying financial problems, and advising on issues of redundancy and changing organisational structure, feeling the ‘fall-out’ from the inside when the organisation’s very existence was under threat.

I know leadership stress and organisational stress from the inside. Because I understand this, I will never produce long theoretical documents - documents you don’t even have time to read - full of recommendations that are unrealistic because of the day to day demands on your organisation or their upfront costs, and that won’t make a tangible difference. I will produce concise evidenced recommendations entirely relevant to you, and work with you to implement change from which you can reap real reward.  

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How I work:

In general I work intensively with a limited number of major clients at any one time, giving you my full attention both when I’m on and ‘off duty’. You will be ‘front of mind’ at all times and I will seek to promote your interests at every opportunity. I like to work a good (agreed) proportion of time from your offices so I can really get to know how you operate and get to know your staff. I have natural rapport building skills and honed practices of teaching, coaching and leading workshops which all help us together remove barriers to change.  Most of all I hope you will feel I am one of the team, whilst at the same time providing that objective eye.

Natasha has contributed invaluable skills to our FRSA Nottingham and Regional Teams, helping us to shape fundraising, resourcing, campaign and impact monitoring strategies, increasing diversity of membership and supporting me in the development and preparation of the East Midlands Annual Conference. She is a delight to work with within a team and also provides one-to-one support to individual Fellows running organisations and enterprises within our 1000+ strong Fellowship. She has excellent communication, rapport building and coaching skills together with an empathetic and creative, but practical and realistic approach.
— Jeanne Booth, Regional Chair, RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)


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I think whether you ‘click’ with someone as a person is really key to whether they can help you. I hope we can meet so we can find out, because a website just can’t let you know that. All I can tell you is what other people repeatedly say about me is I am direct, enthusiastic, collaborative, imaginative and rigorous.

I also love what I do. 

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