McCracken Consultancy
Strategic Consultancy for charities and third sector organisations

Mccracken Consultancy

Strategic consultancy for charities, third-sector, and social businesses.


Does your organisation need fresh thinking to survive and thrive? 

I can help you build a secure financial future, grow, and remove barriers to success.




Financial Strength    

I help you deal with short-term financial emergencies, and longer term assessment of funding requirements.  I identify opportunities and guide you in the process of opening new funding channels.


I help you question the purpose of your organisation, to see it through the eyes of others, and to bring focus to how you project yourself to the outside world.


I review your organisational strength and effectiveness as the basis of a development strategy.  I guide you to seize external opportunities to meet the challenges thrown up by a changing landscape.


With a strong personality, yet a coaching attitude towards colleagues Natasha was able to generate enthusiasm and passion in the organisation. 
— Managing Director, Freestyle Marketing Communications, Nottingham
Natasha understands how each part of the organisation impacts upon the other and she works to solve problems including our clients directly.
— Catherine Saunders, CEO and Services Manager, Midlands Women’s Aid
She gave us invaluable guidance as to how we can meet our challenges going forward with regard to strategic direction, customer management systems, marketing and engaging the business community……it feels like she really cares about our organisation’s future.
— Carolyn Perry, CEO, Rushcliffe Community & Voluntary Services



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